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Lower Back Pain Treatment with Chiropractic 

Written By Pro Care Health Center on February 20, 2020

low back treatmentAround 22 million patients visit chiropractors each year in America. 35 percent of these patients visit a chiropractor for lower back pain treatment. 

Lower back pain can occur for several reasons, including chronic conditions, accidents, muscle strains, and sport-related injuries. Pain that radiates from the lower back can cause other symptoms, including pain and stiffness in the neck, legs, and arms. 

Chiropractic lower back pain treatment is used to relieve these symptoms by targeting problems at their source. 

What to Expect From Lower Back Pain Treatment 

Lower back pain treatment plans are tailored to the patient. Therefore, your initial appointment may include a physical exam. In some cases, diagnostic imaging may be used to determine your specific course of treatment. 

Chiropractic lower back pain treatment involves a combination of hands-on techniques and physiotherapy procedures. Your treatment plan may include the best mineral supplements and natural vitamins on the market. 

The goal of your treatment plan is to provide back pain relief, improve or restore function and mobility, and prevent further injuries.  

Chiropractic Low Back Pain Treatment Benefits 

Research has shown that chiropractic low back pain treatment offers several benefits. A 2018 clinical trial studied the benefits of chiropractic care for lower back pain in 750 active-duty military servicemen. After six months of receiving low back pain treatments, patients reported: 

  • Less pain. 
  • A reduced need for pain medication 
  • An increased range of motion and function. 

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Orlando

Dr. David Shaw has been helping patients since 1993. By using a “whole person approach”, Dr. Shaw is able to create lower back pain treatment plans that works best for each of his patients. 

Experiencing lower back treatment? Don’t wait. Contact Pro Care Health Center at (407) 851-0980 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shaw. 


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