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Chiropractic Intervention For Stress Related Issues

Body and mind are inseparably related. Any disturbance caused in one entity shall invariably result in wide spread and prolonged effect on the other. While stress has become the order of the day during modern times, the effects of stress could be a range of health related issues.

The principal causes of stress could be classified under three heads namely environment, emotions and physical. Irrespective of what could be the source, all kinds of stress situations result in increased heart beat, blood volume and blood pressure. Under this environment, the adrenal glands are tuned to secrete three kinds of corticoids like adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Corticoids have a very important role in preparing the body for physically combating the stress situation. For instance, if you need to run away from the stress causing factor, they might help you perform well and manage the situation effectively. However, the modern life requires altogether different responses to stress than vigorous physical activity and this is where the problem arises. When the corticoids do not have a role to play now, they get built up in the body and cause wide spread damages and harm.

The prolonged muscle tension and contraction resulting out of chronic stress produces irregular pressures on the skeletal system of the body which shall misalign the spinal column. While modern day stress situations therefore require a comprehensive treatment involving the body and mind, the right kind of intervention provided by a chiropractor can help alleviate stress related conditions in a relatively permanent way.

A chiropractor works on the spine and nervous system and the impulses radiating from the central nervous system during the treatment can relieve muscle tension as well as aid the body to come back to its balanced state bringing about a comprehensive body and mind healing.