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Chiropractic Intervention for Headaches

Studies conducted involving patients have revealed that different kinds of chronic headaches have been remedied by neck adjustments. In a pilot study commissioned by Wittingham involved administering chiropractic neck adjustment care to about 25 patients suffering from severe headaches. The experimental study extended over two weeks and the effects of the treatment was closely studied with the feedback from each of the participants. Majority of the patients reported a significant reduction in the severity, duration and frequencies of headaches. On the whole, the instances of headaches reduced by an encouraging 77%. More than 60% reported considerable reduction in pain and about 62% said the occurrences of headaches reduced in frequency by about 62%.

The fact remains that chiropractic interventions in the form of neck adjustments are the most effective kinds of treatments for headaches than several other conventional kinds of medications available today. Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center accomplished a study by working with the evidences collected while administering different kinds of treatments including chiropractic neck adjustments to a large number of patients reporting tension-type and cervicogenic headaches.

The study brought to surface that chiropractic neck adjustments could bring down the severity of the headaches by about 49%. In reducing the severity and frequency of headaches, chiropractic intervention was found more effective than soft tissue therapy or massage. In fact, the results shown by this kind of intervention was far more effective than the drug. Therefore while avoiding the side effects of the drugs, you can also be assured of a lasting solution for your headaches through chiropractic care.