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Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Auto Injury Treatment

Auto Injury Treatment

While most auto injury treatments focus on masking the pain, we take a different approach at ProCare Health Center in Orlando.

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How Our Auto Injury Treatment Works

Aching. Stiff neck. Pain. Discomfort. More than 5 million Americans suffer from motor vehicle related accidents annually. These injuries can result in long-term pain.

The team at ProCare Health Center in Orlando recognized a true need for a leader in non-surgical, non-medicated auto injury treatment that would help patients reduce their pain and improve their quality of life after injury.

We provide a state-of-the-art treatment that’s FDA-approved, using only the latest and greatest medical advancements to provide effective, long-lasting relief from MVA pain.

Auto injury treatments at ProCare Health Center include injection-based therapies, rehabilitation, and other techniques to provide relief from pain, so our patients can get back to an active, enjoyable lifestyle.

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What is Whiplash and How Chiropractic Care Can Help You?

Whiplash is a typical kind of spine damage in the neck region that can result in mild or severe pain in the neck and back. This is is caused due to the head moving forcibly forward or backward or sideways during an impact or collision during an auto accident. The appropriate kind of intervention offered by a chiropractor can remedy this condition. A chiropractor can address some critical issues including joint dysfunction, disc derangement, faulty movements, and muscular dysfunction.

Did You Know?

According to one study, 93% of patients who visited a chiropractor for whiplash saw their symptoms improve. Luckily, ProCare Health Center provides successful auto injury treatments! Click here to schedule a consultation!

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Auto Injury Pain Relief Treatments

You should only entrust a qualified chiropractor with the treatment of whiplash. Although the course they take to treat your whiplash injury will depend on many unique factors, it will most likely involve one or more of the following:

Motion Palpation

Employing this technique, a chiropractor will move the joint mildly in different directions and evaluate its joint play. If the joint has undergone dysfunction, then the movement will not happen in the normal range and often it shall be associated with pain. This diagnosis will play a big part in the treatment needed to cure the pain.

Spinal & Neck Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is one of the most common complementary health approaches used by adults and children in the United States. It is designed to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. This approach offered by a chiropractor can remedy critical conditions including: joint dysfunction, disc derangement, faulty movements, and muscular dysfunction.

Exercise Therapy

Strength is at the core of good health – and the foundation for a healthy life. This rehabilitation treatment program is designed for the patient to rebuild their natural movement and strength. We develop an exercise program that focuses on your specific area of need. Our goal is to get you back to the active lifestyle you love and deserve!

Implementing Lifestyle Changes

To effectively treat any future injuries, we must first implement lifestyle changes. The main goal of this is to reduce the risk of future issues related to the injury. Using advanced methods, our team works to provide a rapid plan to allow the patient to get back to their normal daily lifestyle.

Muscle Relaxation and/or Stimulation

Our team of medical experts work together to diagnose and create an individualized treatment road map for each patients therapeutic necessities. This treatment is designed to focus on the patient’s specific area of need producing substantial results. Our goal is to get you back to the active lifestyle you love and deserve!


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