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Chiropractic Conversations

A fellow Chiropractor has begun to record short conversations discussing the conditions and injuries that are presented to him daily. They are not a long drawn out presentation explaining what sciatica is or other conditions. Instead they are conversations around real patient cases where he tells us what and how he helped the patient get better and sometimes dramatically and quickly! We believe that if you listen to this conversation you will want to listen to the rest as we add them week by week. Even those who are already into alternative health will find these conversations illuminating and most certainly a reminder.

Presented as a casual "real conversation" with our colleague we feel they will be very beneficial for our patients or any visitors to our site. Educating people to understand why turning more and more to alternative health systems instead of turning to medications and surgeries with side effects is truly important. The conversations are also very passionate in terms of our healthcare dilemma and speaks to many topics that most people who are not using alternative health care may not be aware of and even those who are. In this short conversation Dr. Chivers is attempting to bring you a Introduction of sorts.

Since their style is to be natural and genuine and not scripted talks I believe the listener will find them interesting, informative and possibly enjoyable. Bookmark this page and come back to listen regularly as we add more conversations. Or visit our Youtube Channel Playlist here: Chiropractic care is a health care discipline that regards structure and function in treating neck and back pain, shoulder, arm, and leg pain. Such conditions like headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, scoliosis, and many others are also treated. It's success in treating injuries caused from sports and auto accidents is commonly known.

Laptop Use and Chronic Neck Pain

In this conversation / interview with my colleague chiropractor recounts an actual case of a patient who was suffering from severe chronic neck and back pain. As it turned it started a short time after the company she worked for gave her a laptop and dismantled her regular workstation. This is happening more and more. They have even termed a condition called hunched over laptop syndrome.

There are many articles and information around using a laptop in a way that won't cause you these problems. Although the main people in danger for any of this are those who are now working on laptops at their jobs or at home, those spending any long period of time hunched over a laptop, an Ipad or other portable device can be in danger with regular use. Pay attention when you go out you will see people with their heads bent over even to use their Iphones--hunched over a mobile phone is still "hunched over"!

This conversation is of this actual of case of someone who after 6 months developed very severe problems to the point where she actually lost the curve in her spine! The good news is that with chiropractic care and the proper changes in how she works with the computer her pain resolved quickly. Listen in to learn in just a few minutes what to do.

Chiropractic Care Resolves Pain From Lost of Curve in the Spine

The joints in your cervical spine are set up at specific angles so that that curve is supposed to be there. The second you start to straighten that curve out all of the joint are no longer operating in the plane that they are supposed to move in. Then what happens is you start to get abnormal wear. That leads to what is commonly referred to as arthritis.

There are many kinds of arthritis. It is specifically degenerative joint disease. As they start to wear down your body says, "Hey, something's wrong." Then it tries to fuse those joints. As you lose cervical movement obviously you can't turn your head, which is not good. In the upper thoracic reason it leads to the joints freezing. You often see it in older women; they get that dowager’s hump that you certainly don't want. As things don't work properly and you get inflammation it starts to cut off the nervous system and the circulation. You can start to get headaches and tingling and numbness in your arms.

It's very important. It has that curve for a reason. It doesn't work properly if it's straight. You need to keep that curve so that everything works the way it was meant to.