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Why You Need a Chiropractor for Golf Performance Enhancement

Written By Pro Care Health Center on February 4, 2019

As an avid golfer, you understand the importance of form and movement for nailing that perfect swing at North Shore.

Well, what bodily system do you need to make that happen? Your musculoskeletal system, of course.

The truth is, chiropractic for athletes is an excellent option for drug-free golf performance enhancement because it ensures your musculoskeletal system is functioning at optimal levels – even when without injury.

The Link Between Chiro Care and Golf Performance Enhancement

Golfers of all ages put intense strain on various parts of their musculoskeletal system when they’re on the links in Orlando, Florida. Just think about how many different joints and muscle groups you activate during your weekly game at the Orange Tree:

  • Shoulders

  • Upper and lower back

  • Hips

  • Knees

  • Neck 

  • Wrists 

Without proper care in the form of home exercise and maintenance from a chiropractor, you put yourself at risk for painful injuries. Not only can these injuries set your game back but they can also lead to life-long pain, discomfort, and loss of function. Some of the most common injuries golfers face include:

  • Torn or irritated rotator cuffs

  • Tennis or “golfer’s” elbow

  • Sprained wrists or hands

  • Knee joint stress

  • Fractured hook of hamate – an injury unique to golfers

  • Lower back strain

Why is Chiropractic for Athletes the Right Choice?

You might think that you’re only susceptible to these injuries after you get old and have spent years in the game without any kind of bodily maintenance. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth: even young golfers face these common injuries. But why? Well, here are a few reasons:

  • Poor flexibility

  • Overuse

  • Bad bodily mechanics

Here’s the good news: seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis can help you avoid these injuries in the first place. It’s golf performance enhancement without any kind of drugs. 

It's hard to talk about chiropractic for athletes without acknowledging that Tiger Woods saw a chiro doctor on a regular basis throughout his career. If it’s good enough for the pros then it’s good enough for you, too, right?

Research shows that spinal manipulation can improve your range of motion. Ultimately, an improved range of motion leads to better body mechanics and flexibility. Plus, your chiropractor will provide you with home exercises to keep your golf game in top shape.

If you’re ready to improve your golf game and avoid injury, contact Dr. David Shaw and his friendly team at Pro Care Health Center today. Dr. Shaw has over 25 years of experience helping athletes throughout the Orlando, FL community. Call today at 407-851-0980.

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