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How Chiropractors Reduce Discomfort with Low Back Pain Treatment

Written By Pro Care Health Center on July 2, 2018

Did you know that over 30 million Americans suffer from low back pain?

Many low back pain cases are not the result of serious diseases or injuries. Often, this type of pain is caused by daily activities that we may not even realize are affecting us. Repetitive stress, poor posture, and sitting for extended periods without support can all lead to low back pain.

Despite what many people think, this pain will not disappear if you ignore it. Proper low back pain treatment is necessary. Chiropractic care offers a hands-on, safe, and effective way to treat and prevent future low back pain.

Why Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain Treatment?

One of the most beneficial aspects of chiropractic care for low back pain treatment is that it is non-invasive. No medication or surgery are required. 

Chiropractic centers, like Pro Health Care Center, use spinal manipulation to bring your musculoskeletal structure back into proper alignment. With regular visits and adjustments to your lifestyle, your body will begin to heal itself.

What Type of Low Back Pain Treatment Is Offered?

After learning your medical history and performing a physical exam with possible diagnostic imaging, chiropractors can perform various types of manual manipulation to treat your low back pain.

Low Velocity Manipulation n

This treatment option is meant to increase range of motion and prevent low back pain before it starts. It involves slower movements that stretch your muscles and strengthen your joints.

High Velocity Manipulation

This treatment option requires short, quick motions that are applied to abnormal vertebrae. This type of therapy is best for people already suffering from low back pain.

The goal is to improve the function and range of motion of your spine while also reducing pain.

Additional Services

Chiropractors also offer other services such as nutritional counseling, exercise tips, and deep tissue massage which all help to prevent lower back pain.

How to Start Treating Your Low Back Pain

Whether you currently have low back pain or you are trying to prevent it before it starts, chiropractors offer a range of options. From therapeutic therapy to soft tissue and massage therapy, the experienced professionals at Pro Care Health Center will work with you to find the best low back pain treatment plan.

Learn more about treating your low back pain by calling our office directly at 407-851-0980 or by scheduling an appointment to access your treatment options.

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