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5-Point Proper Computer Posture Check List to Avoid Back & Neck Pain

Written By Pro Care Health Center on August 16, 2019

Woman with neck pain Do you work at a computer?

If so, chances are you are not sitting properly.

Improper posture while sitting can cause neck and back pain. Proper sitting posture and proper computer posture can greatly help to eliminate that pain.

5 Point Proper Computer Posture Checklist

Proper computer posture includes proper sitting posture and correct computer ergonomics.

1. Sit Back in your Chair

Use the natural low-back support at the back of your chair to help support correct body position. Make sure you align the lower back and the pelvis to the chair, and the rest of the spine will naturally be in the correct position.

2. Get Close to your Workstation

You should not have to reach for your keyboard or mouse. This puts your whole body in an improper position. Instead, bring your workstation to you rather than straining to reach it.

3. Raise the Monitor to your Face

Bring the monitor up so that it is right in line with your face. Most people have the monitor too low, and they end up straining their neck downwards to see. Just fixing this can save you a lot of pain.

4. Use Armrests

Rest your forearms on the armrests on your chair. If you don’t, the muscles in your arms, back, and neck will be activated all day long to keep your arms in position. You may need a new chair in order to have your arms gently resting on the chair while you type.

5. Use an Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse

If you don’t use ergonomic computer equipment, you will most likely rest your arms in awkward positions or on hard surfaces. This will compromise your position and your circulation. Its best to have a big clunky mouse that fits in your hand (in a handshake position), and a curved keyboard with soft gel padding.

Develop Proper Computer Posture in Orlando

If you’re in the Orlando area, Pro Care Health Center can help you reverse the back and/or neck pain that can develop from improper computer posture.

Call Pro Care Health Center today at (407) 851-0980 to make an appointment.

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