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What is Whiplash and How Chiropractic Care Can Help You

Whiplash is a typical kind of spine damage in the neck region that can result in mild or severe pain in the neck and back. This is is caused due to the head moving forcibly forward or backward or sideways during an impact or collision during an auto accident. The appropriate kind of intervention offered by a chiropractor can remedy this condition. A chiropractor can address some critical issues including joint dysfunction, disc derangement, faulty movements, and muscular dysfunction.

For instance, when joint dysfunction happens due to whiplash, one or more number of the joints found in the limbs or spine cannot function normally and cannot take any more shock or resilience. This condition is diagnosed through a chiropractic technique called motion palpation. Employing this technique, a chiropractor shall move the joint mildly in different directions and evaluate its joint play. If the joint has undergone dysfunction, then the movement will not happen in the normal range and often it shall be associated with pain.

Some of the consequences of joint dysfunction could be pain and muscle imbalance, abnormal signals to the nervous system as there are a lot of nerve joints in the joint, the muscles in the joint becoming tense and underactive, over stress in the joint and worsening the joint dysfunction if something exists already. Chiropractic care diagnoses such conditions that are rather not discovered in the regular medical tests. The chiropractic intervention given at the right time can let the affected regain normalcy within a short period of time, while left untreated, such conditions might lead to severe complications. Chiropractic care depends on a comprehensive set of treatments and not medicines or surgeries.