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Auto Injury Treatment in Orlando, FL

If you have been in a car accident, Dr. David Shaw, D.C., specializes in auto injuries and he also will see you the same day.

In its recent studies the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has revealed that vehicle crashes on the public roads account for over 1,200 casualties and around 840,000 injuries in a year. Though this might startle you, this is a bitter fact we must get to know. Going by the authentic information available so far, there were 6,181,000 accidents reported by the police in the year 2004. Given the phenomenal kind of increase in the road traffic today, this number should have certainly increased though we do not have access to any up to date authentic information in this regard.

There are more vehicles today than any time in the past. Also the number of people talking on their mobile phones while driving has phenomenally increased despite the warnings issued by the traffic authority, the government and some NGOs. Recently, there is a sharp increase in the number of people texting while driving. Such a scenario leads to more number of accidents today. The worst fact remains that in most cases of accidents, one is at fault while the other is an unfortunate victim.

About 40 percent of those injured in motor vehicle crashes opt for chiropractic care. The reason is not far to seek. A majority of the injuries sustained while driving lead to soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains of muscles and ligaments, which are often neither diagnosed nor treated in the conventional kind of trauma care. If left untreated through a competent chiropractor, such impacts might lead to physical discomforts, pains and misalignments in the long run. Therefore, it highly makes sense to get yourself examined by a chiropractor following a vehicle accident and after availing of the necessary trauma care in the first place.

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